Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Zealand - Thank you!

As many of you know, my wife Barbara and I are moving to Auckland, New Zealand for a while. We fly out at 6:45 am on September 28.

It’s been pretty hectic the last while, with all the planning and moving stuff around. Fortunately, we have a lot of people who have helped us out tremendously!

First, our friends Devin & Natalie have graciously offered to put us up while we’re staying in Auckland. Devin and I shared a roof in past, when we
drank nonstop for three years attended college. Devin has also been super helpful in terms of guidance regarding the various paperwork, permits, visas, and costs associated with moving from Canada to New Zealand. He’s also been doing his best to find me work!

Our friends Nevin & Kristina have generously let us stay with them here in Saskatoon. Since we rented our house out faster than we anticipated, we needed a place to stay before we flew out. Nevin is also going to take care of our house while we’re away. Nevin & Kristina’s help has made our lives so much easier in the last month. We owe them big-time! Barb and I really hope they will visit us in Auckland!

By the way, if anyone is planning to buy or sell a house in Saskatoon, Nevin is your man. (I’m not just a friend, I’m also a client!)

Last but not least, we owe a huge ‘thank you’ to our family. We’ve had a ton of help with moving, locating paperwork, banking, bill arrangements, mail forwarding, research, loaning money, storage and cat-sitting. As well, we’ve been treated to BBQs, suppers, and been given various travel items, not to mention all the guidance and wisdom. Everyone has been super supportive and very generous! Thanks a million! We love you!

Thank you so much everyone! We totally couldn’t be doing this without all your help!

Chad & Barb

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hey everyone! Halloween is coming soon! Below is an illustration which I may use for a promotional postcard.

Click on image for a larger view - Created with Adobe Illustrator

With that done, I better start my Christmas Cards! ;)


Friday, September 01, 2006

Sketchy - Banjo

I do a lot of little sketches on square Post-it notes...I do this far more than actually drawing in my sketchbook. Weird. Anyone else do that?

Below is a sketch of a hillbilly with his banjo!

Thanks for visiting! Y'all come back now, y'hear?