Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad Kitty!

This week, I thought I would post an image which is a rework of a project from a few years ago. I found a concept sketch, which was never used and polished it up a bit.



PS - Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The World's Greatest Detective

Happy 2007 everyone!

I’ve been thinking lately how I miss reading comic books. I used to spend SO much time and money buying, studying and drawing comics.

I first got hooked on comics at Steve’s house, reading ‘A Death in the Family’ - the storyline in which Robin is killed. In 2002, I pretty much stopped ‘cold turkey’. (It was easy. I was totally broke.) I’ve never really got back into buying them.

Since I’m living half a world away from my comic collection at the moment, it has been a long while since I read any of them. It’s been even longer since drew anything related to comics. So, I thought I’d pump out a Batman image. My style has changed a lot, but he’s still fun to draw!