Thursday, February 16, 2006

Illustration Friday - Simple

I'm sneaking this one in pretty late...

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is "Simple". The concept of the piece below has nothing to do with the word... I've had this image for some time, however, whenever I try and go into it and add elements, it seems to lose it's charm. So I have to leave it as is, nice and simple.

(Ha ha...Kinda lame, I know.)


  1. big up canadian bro!
    your illio is really cute and ...simple. i like your other stuff too. super cool, ciao!

  2. Awesome! Colors are great for bringing out the shine in that diamond. :)

  3. When I typed 'stool' last week ...

    Great illustration!

  4. Justin8:41 AM

    What do you feed that dog?

  5. Pardon my french but Cameron is so tight if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass in two weeks you'd have a diamond.