Friday, March 31, 2006

Personal Space

In the last while I’ve had a few occurrences of people getting way too close. Physically, I mean.

For instance, while I was waiting in line for coffee, I had a stranger stand RIGHT behind me (I swear could feel his breath on my neck). I turned around and gave him the “Dude. What are you doing?” look…but he never clued in that I was uncomfortable.

Also, I had an acquaintance keep moving in closer and closer as we talked. As I kept backing up, she kept coming closer. (In her defense, I usually smell pretty great…but that is a topic for another time.) Not that I dislike her, but I just felt weird being that close.

As a result of these types of experiences, I created this diagram.

Let us all learn in which circle we are welcome, and which is our boundary.



(Click for a larger view)

Created with Adode Illustrator

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  1. Funny, I was just in the subway today and two women started fighting because one started to say the other was getting too close to her space (even though the other had no choice, it was a crowded train.) Haha, we all need our personal space- great diagram!