Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Workplace Communication

The illustrations below were created for use in an online course. The deadline was pretty tight on these babies.

This one accompanies a scripted scenario in which a hungry, upset man is waiting for his food.

This piece shows a situation where an air conditioner repairman doesn’t listen to his customer’s situation and leaves the site without doing his job.

In this illustration, a foreman is frustrated by a welder’s working methods.

In this piece, a contractor’s service is poor due to an exaggerated “time is money” mentality.

All pieces created with Adobe Illustrator


  1. I used to check out your illustrations for IF before I myself participate. It's been a while since I last saw your name in the list and am glad to see you back with 'Rain' :) like your illos very much! BTW, congratulations and your wife is really beautiful!

  2. I really like the cut-out style of these, and the design of that first one is my favorite. Nice job introducing some design and style (and cartoons) into corporate training.

  3. wonderful work! I love your style!