Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hi everyone! Barb and I are settled in Auckland now and finally got internet access at home. I can start posting again!

This is an illustration of some crazy birds that are often in the back yard here. I think they might be starlings. Most birds here seem to be super aggressive and not at all afraid of people.

Stay tuned for more illos!


  1. Nice. Love the leaves.

  2. Hey! I too am a Canadian Illustrator that made the big move to Auckland. How you liking it? Love your stuff.

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Possibly Mynahs?

  4. Anonymous,

    Good guess! While it isn't Mynahs that spend time in our back yard, since this post I've learned Mynahs are the most super-ultra-aggressive birds ever!

    I've witnessed two killer battle-royales involving Mynahs.

    On another occasion, one totally gave me 'the finger'.