Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hurray! It's Rhyme Book Day!

Hey everyone!

The week-long suspense is over! Y'all get to finally find out what rhymes with 'chair', 'square' and 'pear'! ;)

The response to this project has been really wonderful! Thanks to everyone for their blog comments and emails!

Huge thanks to Steve at Illustration Friday and Johnny at Drawn! for their mention on their respective blogs!

Now, check out the image below and don't forget to view the virtual book!

More to come!

- Chad

Click image for a larger view - © Chad Geran

1 comment:

  1. many congratulations on the drawn and IF post, much deserved! I love your work, the bold stylised character designs are perfect, and your colour palette is spot on... will be a regular visitor to the blog. Keep on creating!