Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tickle Trunk

As a young boy, my favorite show was Mr. Dressup. This show fostered my desire to pursue creative activities, which eventually lead to a career in creative industries. I suspect this is true of many young Canadian creative-types.

With that in mind, I produced the piece posted below for the UPPERCASE Work/Life project. A book featuring Canadian Illustrators & Photographers.

I also thought it is an appropriate image for Illustration Friday’s theme, “pretend”.


  1. great styling...

  2. I really like your art, you have a great style.

  3. yep, Casey, Finnigan and Wise Owl (tahwit tahwee, tahwit tahwoo!) or am I thinking of some other show with a crazy-eyed owl??
    ah the memories...
    the tickle trunk lives on!
    great illustration. :)

  4. i love your style!!! so terrific!!!!